Very pleased with how my first visit went. They really care and work with you. I didn't feel pressure or pushed toward a certain hearing aid. I was educated on what they had and was able to make a good choice for my needs. Front desk staff very nice, patient, friendly and made me feel like I belonged there.
Suzette Simoneaux Price, on Google
My prior experience with Hearing Professionals was not positive so I moved to Audibel to purchase new hearing aids. The office in the beginning was confusing and chaotic but staff changes were made and my opinion has changed. With the hire of Kent Stroud everything has changed. The office is neat and clean and runs efficiently with the expert help of the Secretary. Kent is so knowledgeable and is very patient and kind. This team is certainly doing a great job for me and Audibel!
Elizabeth Asaff, on Google
Staff is very friendly, attentive and helpful. They answered all my questions and helped me get the hearing aids that I wanted. They are the best that I have found for customer care. I highly recommend them.
clay coates, on Google
On Monday the 22nd I took my client to get her ears check and the staff was so polite and helpful,she got the hearing test of how much hearing was lost in each ear,and after completing the test,she purchased a pair of hearing aids.Since that day it's like a miracle,she can actually hear me,no more Loud tv,no more repeating what you say,its a blessing!! Thanks again Audible!!
Loretta Cotton, on Google
I’ve been doing business with Audible since 2012. This is my 2nd set of hearing aids. I started out with just one. The service is awesome and the technology is mind blowing.
Roz Cox, on Google

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